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Pest and Landscape LLC

Pest and Landscape LLC services northern NJ for all pest control needs.  We are the most competitively priced and very negotiable to meet our customer’s needs.  We service any type of property from 1 family homes to 100+ unit apartment buildings.  We are available 7 days a week from 7 am-10 pm.  We are licensed and insured with the state of New Jersey.  Call with any questions 201-835-5769.

Bed bug and roach infestation is a big problem in the tri-state area.  There are over 1,000,000 properties in Bergen and Passaic county and a large amount are infested with one and/or the other.  Bed bugs jump from one persons clothes to another and bite their hosts at night. Bed bugs can be transferred from person to person anywhere such as a movie theater, office, gym, etc.  Luckily they do not carry any known diseases.  Roaches like wet and damp areas, do not bite but do carry diseases.

We also exterminate other pests such as mice with strategically placed bait stations and sealing of all open entry way for the mice to enter.  In the summer months we remove beehives and wasp and hornet nests.  We also trap and release large pest such as squirrels, racoons, groundhogs, etc.  We also suggest the use of deer repellent in wooded areas of NJ to minimize the spread of Lyme disease.

When on a service call we try to limit the use of pesticide application with integrated pest management, such as, cutting off water supply for pest.  Cutting off food and water to the pests is the main pest control needed.  Keeping a clean and clutter free home minimizes the places pests can hide.  We also offer other pest services such as trapping and deterrents.  Pest and Landscape LLC is here to service any pest infestation.

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